making of
the legend
  This story on many, many years ago, more than 50 thousand years. It was the region's Boqueirão da Pedra Furada in the Nacional Park of Serra da Capivara. In a Brazil that still was not Brazil. In a time when there were no towns, villages or houses. Time in the skins of animals and the caves were the only garments of man. And when the Hunt was their primary activity.
Running, hunting animals, planting and harvesting vegetables, modeling weapons with a rock very hard and gray. Despite this primitive side, the man had an artistic vein. Did not know the writing, but draw on the walls of caves. I knew they are reproduced through painting, designing since their view of the world. It was the start of pre-historic art.
Conducted by hunters, this art piece was crucial to the process of capture of animals. The role of the painter-hunter was as much as a magician, as representing a mortally wounded animal meant to have the power to kill him for real. One of the first rituals performed by Pales.
The Pales lived well, always searching for food and adhering to its artistic and ritual magic. One day, after a dangerous and endless hunt, many end up Pales injured. Palesi, disagree with the death of his companions, has an idea and returns to his cave to start a new ritual. Instead of drawing an animal, Palesi paints a different creature, with the mammoth legs, arms of men - only that larger and more muscular, hands instead of paws and claws and head of an animal commonly found fossilized in the season.
To the extent that Palese ended its design, this creature was creating life. Finally, after an initial shock of all men, the new figure, then never mind, is shed from the wall of caves and get out immediately in search of hunting. Paleolito born, creature huntress and companion of men, who live with many generations of Pales and rebirth in all of hunting rituals performed at the time.
Today, the Paleolithic are very sought in archaeological excavations. There are reports that artists who drew on walls of stone witnessed these creatures are alive and disappeared in the midst of frightened eyes.
There is now a legion of worshipers of Paleolito spread by Brazil. They are designers, illustrators, graffiti painters and artists in general, showing small statuettes in the form of pre-historic creature, and drawing in small Paleolitos, give life to his art.
And so the rituals of the old Pales is relived, day after day.

PALEOLITO urban toy art - Ismael lito © All rights reserved